Saturday, February 15, 2014

high-low // a skirt refashion

I picked this skirt up at a thrift store a year or two ago, because it was free, and hey- who doesn't love aqua + polka dots? 

I ended up not wearing it very much after I got it, however; it's 100% polyester, so... it was kinda like wearing a shiny sheet, and in general, I prefer my skirts either knee length or floor length, and this one fell awkwardly in between. 

So I decided... I'll turn it into a high-low skirt!

Actually, I decided that ages ago, but I've only just been brave enough to actually cut it up, and now that's it's high-low I don't mind it being synthetic material quite so much. :D

What I'm wearing: 
Sweater ~Pout -Handmedown? (I actually have no idea where I got this sweater...) 
Graphic Tee ~Fang -Thrifted
Skirt ~Chaus -Thrifted/Refashioned by Me 
Leggings ~Bozzolo -Gift
Boots ~Bernardo -Thrifted 
Scarf -Gift 
Earrings/Ear Cuff -Gift 

side note about my hair:
waves/frizz leftover from yesterday's braided updo
divided it in half from ear to ear, & put it into two ponytails, 
 then made two buns, and jabbed pins into it until it stayed up. :) 


  1. I too prefer either past the ankle or around the knee especially because my legs are disproportionately short. Could you do an explanation/tutorial about how you did this? I have a thrift store find I considered turning into a high low skirt.

    1. I found this tutorial ( ) helpful when I was making mine- hope that helps! :)

    2. Thanks, that tutorial was simpler than I was thinking of doing and what I have seen before.