Thursday, May 1, 2014

April: Week 4

Last week of my April photo challenge!

22. Four Things // Faber-Castell Pens = The Best.

23. Entrance // it's awkward when you're the only one who wants to obey the signs.

24. A Pop Of Color // okay, so this whole picture is pretty colorful...

25. Remember // the good ol' days.

26. Enjoy The Little Things // sunshine, after a couple of gloomy days.

27. Under My Feet 
(Guys. I made Fab Four with this picture. 0_0)

28. Chaotic // rain trails on the window.

29. Contrast // contrasting shades of blue = my favorite.

30. Something Silly // my sister-bestie is on the other side of the world, so I have to do all my late-night fangirling/ranting over chat.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

April: Week 3

15. I'm Reading This // Proverbs 15.

16. My Vice // buying pretty earrings.

17. Something I Learned // still learning.

18. Good // this is a good fire. (Inside joke.)

19. Money // I like to wear this coin as a necklace.

20. Egg // Mollie and I decorated Easter Eggs.

21. Close // the maple sap is close to boiling.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

April: Week 2

Week 2 of my April photo challenge:

08. Hobby // journaling is my favorite.

09. Dark

10. My Fave Part Of The Day // Spent the afternoon doing some sketching.

11. 3 Of A Kind

12. On My Left

13. More Please // no more snow, please.

14. Dirty

Monday, April 7, 2014

April: Week 1

This month on Instagram, I'm doing a Photo-A-Day challenge

01. Something Purple 
  Pretty Roses.

02. In My Hand 
 Painting!! I have a super fun project I'm working on, and I'm definitely going to share it with you all once it gets a little closer to being completed. :D

03. Shapes 
 It snowed. Again.

04. Good Together 
Packing for the weekend, and I couldn't decide which necklace/earrings to bring.

05. Not Mine 
(I do however own a similar Russian doll.)

06. A Taste Of Spring 
 ...Minnesota Spring, anyways. 
I did see some green grass today while we were collecting maple sap, so maybe Spring isn't as far off as it feels. (I also walked through snow so deep it went down my mud boots, but that's irrelevant. ;P ) 
 You can do it, Minnesota! Fighting!!

07. Where I'd Rather Be
I'd rather be Adventuring in Narnia. ;D

Saturday, February 15, 2014

high-low // a skirt refashion

I picked this skirt up at a thrift store a year or two ago, because it was free, and hey- who doesn't love aqua + polka dots? 

I ended up not wearing it very much after I got it, however; it's 100% polyester, so... it was kinda like wearing a shiny sheet, and in general, I prefer my skirts either knee length or floor length, and this one fell awkwardly in between. 

So I decided... I'll turn it into a high-low skirt!

Actually, I decided that ages ago, but I've only just been brave enough to actually cut it up, and now that's it's high-low I don't mind it being synthetic material quite so much. :D

What I'm wearing: 
Sweater ~Pout -Handmedown? (I actually have no idea where I got this sweater...) 
Graphic Tee ~Fang -Thrifted
Skirt ~Chaus -Thrifted/Refashioned by Me 
Leggings ~Bozzolo -Gift
Boots ~Bernardo -Thrifted 
Scarf -Gift 
Earrings/Ear Cuff -Gift 

side note about my hair:
waves/frizz leftover from yesterday's braided updo
divided it in half from ear to ear, & put it into two ponytails, 
 then made two buns, and jabbed pins into it until it stayed up. :) 

Monday, February 3, 2014

Upside-Down Dutch Braid Tutorial

A working laptop + Guilt that I haven't post anything here in months = A new hairstyle tutorial for you all. ;D